Puppy Socialization

Socializing your puppy is extremely important starting at a young age.  If you expose your puppy early to other people and other friendly dogs, your puppy will grow up to be a well rounded, friendly, pleasant dog to be around. 

Make it safe- get their shots
     Until your puppy has finished all of his puppy shots, it is best to not take him places where he could be exposed to diseases like Parvo.  When you take him to the veterinarian and to pet stores, carry him.  If you put him on the floor and it hasn’t been properly sanitized, your puppy could contract a feces passed disease. 

Get them in public
     At this young age, allow your puppy to interact with healthy, immunized, friendly puppies and adult dogs that you know in a safe environment like your back yard.  When you take him to public places, take some treats with you and allow interested strangers to give your puppy a treat and a pat.  This will teach your puppy to enjoy meeting new people and will help prevent aggressive behavior towards strangers in the future.  Also, work on getting your puppy to sit before the stranger pets him so that he learns to sit politely for attention and doesn’t think jumping up is the proper way to greet someone.  Once your puppy is fully immunized, take him to pet stores, vet clinics, and parking lots and practice your obedience there. 

The younger, the better
The more you expose him to at a young age, the more comfortable and obedient he will be in any given situation.  Ultimately, we all want a dog who will obey us no matter what is going on around us.  Socialization and obedience practice in those environments will help your puppy become the dog you have always wanted.  

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