Age To Start Training A Puppy

Age to begin training a puppy

           Many people mistakenly think that you can’t begin training your puppy until they reach six months old or so.  The truth is that you should begin training your puppy as soon as they get home.  Like children, puppies are giant sponges and will willingly learn quickly anything you choose to teach them.  In fact, the behaviors you teach your puppy in the first four months of life are the behaviors that they will be best at throughout their lives.  Some of the first behaviors I teach my puppies are walking on a loose leash, heeling, come when called, and “watch me”.              

           Most dog training schools make you wait for months until your puppy has had all their shots before training, and for good reason. Since you are training in the convenience and safety of your own home, you do not have to wait for your puppy to be fully vaccinated to start training with us. Plus you get a head start when your puppy is most impressionable.   

If you have just gotten your puppy and he is older than four months, don’t panic.  The old adage is false; you can definitely teach an old dog new tricks or, in this case, an older puppy.  If you haven’t already begun training your puppy, start today!  There is no time like the present! Click on puppy training and get started.

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