Adding Distance to Your Puppy “Stay” Training

As your puppy training moves on, you can add distance to the “stay” command.

When your puppy is staying for one minute in heel position, begin a new session by placing your puppy in a stay in heel position and then step directly in front of his nose. Since you are now adding movement, you can anticipate that your puppy will not be as steady so, reduce your time increment to 5 to 10 seconds.

At the end of 10 seconds, be sure to step back to heel position, give your puppy a treat while they are staying and then, using your release word, release your puppy from the stay. Continue this small movement working on time until your puppy is successful for one minute.

When your puppy is holding a stay while you move in front of his nose, begin adding steps backwards reducing time increments until your puppy can successfully stay for one minute with you at the end of a six foot leash.

Remember that no matter how far away you move from your puppy; always return to heel position before you release him.

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