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Training Your Puppy To Sit

One of the basics of puppy training is teaching your puppy to sit. When teaching sit, it is easiest to remember a bit of puppy ergonomics. When a puppy’s head goes up, his rear end has to go down due to the shape of his spine. So, applying this knowledge, you can take a treat and lure the puppy to sit.

Show the puppy while he is standing that you have a treat and using this treat like a magnet to his nose, raise the treat up and slightly over the puppy’s head and the puppy’s rear end will hit the ground. As you are raising the treat, say the word “sit” and as the puppy’s rear hits the ground, release the treat to the puppy.

Verbally praise the puppy as well to encourage the puppy to want to repeat the behavior. Only give the command “sit” one time as you are luring the puppy. Over time, your puppy will begin to pair the word “sit” with the behavior and you will have then taught the behavior “sit” successfully.

Note*-Do not repeat the command over and over until the behavior happens or your puppy will learn that he doesn’t have to obey the first time you say the command.

Possible Problems:

The main problems you may encounter when training your puppy to sit are your puppy backing up when you try to lure his head or the puppy jumping for the treat. In both cases, you are either moving the treat to quickly up and back or you are raising the treat too high.

Remember your treat should be almost touching the puppy’s nose throughout the luring process. If you visualize this, it will help you keep the treat in a position that will be comfortable for the puppy yet, at the same time, will cause the puppy to sit. 

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