Ringworm in Dogs

Ringworm in Dogs

Your dog is breaking out with round legions all over with crusty, scaly skin in the middle. You realize in the past 10-12 days ringworm in your dog has incubated and is now making your dog look like a leper!

Not to worry.  Follow these time-tested treatments and your dog will be back to having a beautiful coat and catching frisbees in no time.  He will also be very thankful he has a wonderful owner in you.

– How can I tell if my dog has Ringworm? 
– Can ringworm spread from my dog to my kids or myself?  
– Are all dogs susceptible to ringworm?
– Ringworm treatment for Dogs
– Ringworm on dogs skin – Pictures

Ringworm in dogs
 is the most common fungal disease in dogs. It is simply a fungal infection of the skin, nails and hair and not an actual worm. 

Ringworm on Dogs

How can I tell if my dog has Ringworm?

To determine if your dog has ringworm, it can be as simple as observing the circular bare patches on the skin. But, to truly know if it is ringworm, your vet can do 1 of 3 test.

Woods Test- This is simply a black light with a magnifying lens. About 50% of the ringworm fungus will show up as florescent under the black light. 

Microscopic test- Your vet will take a hair from around the infected area and place it in a special solution and view it under the microscope. This is effective for about 40%-70% of the infections.

Culture Test- The most effective way, but longest, to determine if there is ringworm in your dog is to have a vet collect scales from the area and have it cultured.

Can ringworm spread from my dog to my kids or myself?

Yes, ringworm can spread by contact via petting or grooming your pet. Be careful to avoid the affected area unless you have gloves on.

Are all dogs susceptible to ringworm?

Ringworm dogs

Yes, but fortunately, adult healthy dogs have an immune system that can fight off ringworm before it becomes an infection.  Puppies, however, are more susceptible because of their less developed immune system.

Ringworm treatment for Dogs

If nothing is done, a healthy dog’s immune system will fight off the ringworm in 2-4 months. If that is too long for you to wait, or your dog has an immune deficiency, you will need a quick, effective treatment for the fungus. 
A holistic cure and preventative measure is Apple Cider Vinegar:
Bathe with a nice gentle herbal shampoo, one that you would use on your own hair, rinse thoroughly, and then sponge on Apple Cider Vinegar diluted with equal amounts of warm water. Allow your dog to drip dry. To learn more about apple cider vinegar and it’s benefits, click Apple Cider Vinegar.
Vets normally recommend:Vet diagnoses dog with ringworm
Shampoos and Dips:
Lime sulfur dips are often recommended for ringworm in dogs.  You can do this a couple times per week but, be advised that it stinks like rotten eggs and can stain clothes and jewelry. Be sure to follow your vet’s direction on this.
This is an anti fungal drug that is used for dogs with ringworm but, it does have some side effects so be sure to consult with your vet before giving any medication. Griseofulvin is used to inhibit fungal reproduction. 
 Decontaminate the environment:It is important to get the ringworm spores out of your house to prevent another infection of your dog or family members. Disinfect the house and vacuum/steam clean the carpets daily to remove any spores. 

Ringworm in dogs is a self-limited infection and will clear up on it’s own with a dog’s normal immune system but, it is always good to let a vet take a look at it just, in case.

Ringworm on dogs skin

Ringworm on dogs head
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