Puppy Nutrition

Puppy Nutrition

  Nutrition is a cornerstone to the health and well being of your puppy.  Many people don’t give much thought to what they feed their puppy and just buy the first bag of food they see in the store. 

Become a label reader
  It is important to read labels and find a food that contains a good source of protein as their first ingredient on the ingredient list.  It should also contain a quality carbohydrate, although dogs only need a minimal amount.  

Types of food
  There is canned food, dry kibble, organic, and even raw diets.  Each has their pros and cons so you will need to decide for yourself what you want to do for your puppy. 

Carrie Recommends
  I personally feed my dogs Merrick which makes a variety of wonderful, organic, dry and canned food.  The food contains a variety of fruits and vegetables in addition to good quality proteins that my dogs go nuts for.  It is not available in local drugstores but can be found in many feed stores and also online.

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