Puppy Grooming

  Puppy Grooming is generally thought of as professional haircuts performed by a licensed groomer. Depending on the breed your puppy is, this may be applicable. But, for many dogs, professional grooming isn’t necessary. To me, grooming means everything from brushing hair and teeth to bathing, to clipping nails. 
   Brushing Your Puppy’s Coat 

Brushing Puppy Teeth

Clipping Puppy Nails

Bathing Your Puppy

Special grooming needs?

  If you have a breed that will require professional grooming, ask around to find a reputable groomer. Get recommendations from friends or vets who have personally used the groomer for their dog and can vouch that they do a nice job and treat the dogs well. Go visit the grooming facility and check out the work environment. A reputable groomer will have no hesitation to show you their facility and answer any questions you have.

  You can also purchase books that can guide you in grooming your puppy yourself, but it is usually a good idea to have them groomed the first time by a professional so you will have a guideline to follow as the puppy’s coat grows out. 
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