Brushing Your Puppy’s Coat

Brushing Your Puppy’s Coat

Brushing your puppy’s coat regularly will help keep it healthy and will reduce the amount of hair is shed in your house if you have a shedding breed. There are few different types of combs and brushes you can use on your puppy and which one you choose will depend on your dog’s coat type.

Bristle Brushes
  A bristle brush can be used on any type coat and comes in a variety of bristle spacing and length of bristles. Generally, the longer the coat, the further spaced and longer the bristles should be.

Wire-pin Brush
  A wire-pin brush is best on long or curly coated dogs. These brushes come with or without rubber tips and both work fine.

Slick Brush
  Slicker brushes are best for removing mats and have very fine bristles very close together. If you use this as your everyday brush, you will find that it gets full of hair very quickly and you will have to clean it several times during one brushing. Reserve this brush for mats.

Shedding Tool
  There is also a tool called a shedding tool that does exactly that, de-shed. I find this works great on my Aussie/Lab mix because she sheds a ton like a lab does. This tool gets down to the skin and removes all the hair that is loose but is caught in her undercoat.

  Pick the appropriate brush for your puppy and brush him often followed by a treat to get him used to and comfortable with brushing.   

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