Brushing Puppy Teeth

 Brushing Puppy Teeth

Brushing your puppy’s teeth is important and can save you money down the road. Just like humans, dogs get plaque on their teeth and eventually need to have them cleaned by a veterinarian. During this procedure, the dog is put under anesthesia and the veterinarian scrapes away all the plaque that has accumulated. This procedure generally needs to be done every few years and is somewhat costly but, if you regularly brush your dog’s teeth, a cleaning will not be needed as often or be as extensive when done. Not maintaining your dog’s teeth can also lead to damage to your dog’s teeth and potentially, tooth extraction.

Items needed for brushing puppy teeth

 Purchase a doggy toothbrush and paste from a pet store and let your dog get used to feeling it in their mouths; even let them taste the toothpaste. Generally, the paste is flavored like beef or chicken and the dogs lick it right up. There is also a finger brush you can purchase that just slips over your finger and gives you a little more maneuverability.

How to brush puppy teeth

 Start slowly, only brushing a few teeth at first and then quit. As your puppy gets used to that, brush more until you can brush his whole mouth without him getting frustrated or breaking away from you. The more often you brush, the more comfortable your puppy will become and the faster and easier it will go. 

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