Bathing your Puppy

 Bathing your Puppy

Bathing your puppy is also important. It doesn’t need to be done daily or even weekly unless your puppy has the habit of rolling in dead or extra smelly things or digs excessively. Once every two to three weeks is plenty as doing it too frequently can dry out their skin.

Types of Shampoos

  There are many different types of shampoo; herbal, scented, gentle, tear free, oatmeal, medicated, etc. Depending on why you are bathing your puppy will determine which shampoo you need. I generally keep a tearless formula around the house for my girls and one that has a pleasant smell. One of my dogs has allergies too, so I use one that is hypoallergenic and has oatmeal in it. Most shampoos are extremely concentrated and can be diluted one to one with water in a separate container. This will not only save you money on shampoo but will be a little easier to rinse off. 

Preparation work

  When you begin bathing, run warm, but not hot water. Make sure to wet your dog’s coat all the way to the skin or your puppy won’t get really clean. Pay close attention to not get water or soap in his eyes or ears or you can cause irritation or infection; use a washcloth for those areas.

Application of shampoo

  Using your diluted shampoo, apply to the back and work your way around the puppy creating a nice lather. Drain the tub before rinsing and rinse until there is no soap left. It is very important that you don’t leave soap on your puppy’s skin or it can cause irritation and an allergic reaction.

Drying your puppy

  Once your puppy is thoroughly rinsed, towel dry as much as possible and keep them in a warm environment until totally dry. You may use a hair dryer if your puppy will tolerate it but use it on the cool setting and on the lowest speed. Enjoy bathing your puppy!

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