Taste Deterrents

Puppy or Dog Taste Deterrent

  A good taste deterrent can stop most any dog from chewing.   When sprayed on an item, it leaves a strong bitter taste and smell that the dog dislikes.  

Where you can use puppy taste deterrent
  Most products can be sprayed on any surface without harming it, including parts of your body or your puppy’s body that he may be chewing on.  The deterrent is alcohol based so, it will need to be reapplied daily but, when used consistently will prevent destructive chewing.  

Top brand
  One top brand is called Bitter Apple .  To sensitize the dog to the deterrent, pick up the dog’s lip and spray a small amount into his mouth.  He will most likely shake his head and salivate profusely but it won’t hurt him.  Then, apply the deterrent to whatever it is you do not want him chewing. 

  Hopefully, problem solved!  There are a couple of dogs I have known who actually didn’t mind the taste but, overall, most dogs will avoid the smell and taste like the plague.

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