Puppy Toys

Puppy Toys

Toys are, believe it or not, a very important part of a puppy’s development.  They provide mental and physical stimulation and will help protect your home and personal belongings from being destroyed.  Finding the appropriate toys for your puppy is paramount.  

Get the right size puppy toy  First, the toy needs to be big enough that your puppy can’t fit the whole thing in its mouth and possibly choke on it.  It also needs to be somewhat durable that your puppy can’t chew it into smaller pieces that he can eat and swallow.  Toys with long strings can get chewed off and swallowed and the string can get wrapped around your puppy’s intestines and cause serious damage.  

Popular puppy toys
  Some good choices for toys for puppies include Kongs (which can be stuffed with yummy treats for added entertainment), tug toys made with rubber and rope, and tennis balls.  Nylabones can be good as long as they are disposed of as they get worn.  Natural bones are another good choice as long as they are raw and never cooked.  

  Have several different toys around the house for your puppy to choose from and take note of which ones your puppy prefers.

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