Puppy Identification

Puppy Identification

  Proper identification can save your puppy’s life and ensure that, if ever he gets lost, you can be reunited with your puppy.    The easiest and most popular form of puppy ID is the metal or plastic collar tag. Another option for identification is a microchip or tattoo.  Both forms of identification are permanent and do not require your dog to be wearing a collar.  

Metal or plastic tag
A metal or plastic tagwith your phone number (at the very least) attached to your dog’s collar should suffice.  Other information you may want on the tag could be your name, your dog’s name, and your address. 

Microchip puppy identification
  The microchip is about the size of a grain of rice and is implanted subcutaneously in your puppy’s scruff.  The chip, when scanned with a scanner, will display a number that is linked to a database with your information. 

Tattoo identification
  A tattoo is along the same principle; the number of the tattoo is linked to your information when looked up in a database.  Both forms of id are permanent but can be easily updated with new information if you ever move to a new location or change phone numbers. 

  You need to decide for yourself which form of identification you feel is best for you and your puppy but, please, make identification a top priority. 

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