Puppy Collars

collar is essential for your puppy for a couple of reasons.  One reason is that it holds your dog’s identification (which is extremely important in and of itself) and tells other people who may see your puppy that he is not a stray.  Another reason is that it is where you attach a leash in order to maintain control when you are in an insecure environment.

Selecting a collar
  When you go to the collar aisle of any pet store, it becomes obvious that the choices of collars are endless.   Flat ones, nylon ones, metal ones, jeweled ones, spiked ones; which one do you choose?

  Generally, a flat nylon collar with adjustability is ideal.  Unless your puppy is going to remain small in adult size, you will need to purchase a couple of collars in its lifetime.  So, get a sturdy, inexpensive collar that can grow with your puppy.

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