Top Female Dog Names

The Top Twenty female dog’s names in the USA

1. Maggie
Derivative: Margaret
Means: A pearl
Inspired by: Rod Stewart’s song ‘Maggie May’.

2. Bear
Means: Large mammal
Inspired by: Bear Bryant, football coach

3. Molly
Derivative: Mollie
Means: Irish for Mary
Inspired by: Molly, a white horse in Animal Farm by George Orwell (1945).
Famous because of
actress Molly Ringwald.
Films: The Breakfast Club, Betsy’s Wedding and Pretty in Pink.

4. Shadow
Means: A dark image cast by something blocking light.
Famous because of
a Golden Retriever in Film, “The Incredible Journey” (1993).

5. Lady
Means: Elegant female or nobility.
Inspired by: Cocker Spaniel in Disney’s 1956
“Lady and the Tramp”.
Famous because of
Catch phrase “I’m A Lady”
from British TV Comedy series ‘Little Britain’.

6. Sadie
Derivative: Sarah, Sally
Means: From Sarah – Princess, one of royal
Famous because of
Sadie Frost – Ex-wife of actor Jude Law.
Actress and fashion designer.

7. Lucky
Information about this name:
Means: Having good luck.
Inspired by:
President Ronald Reagan’s dog.
Lucky Man – A Memoir by Michael J. Fox
Lucky – A Memoir by Alice Sebold.

8. Lucy
Derivative: Lucia
Means: Light
Famous because of
‘Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds’ the Beatles song.
Character from “Peanuts” comic strip.
Lucille Ball, star of 1950’s sit-com ‘I Love Lucy’
Actress, Lucy Liu

9. Daisy
Derivative: Daisy Mae
Means: The eye of the day. Also flower.
Inspired by: Daisy Miller, novel by Henry James (1879).
Famous because of
Girlfriend of Donald Duck

10. Brandy
Derivative: Brandi, Brandee, Brandie
Means: An alcoholic drink distilled from wine
Inspired by: Brandy the American R ‘n’ B pop star.
Brandy used to flavour Christmas Cakes, Puddings and Custard.

11. Bandit
Means: robber
Famous because of
Smokey and the Bandit movie

12. Ginger
Derivative: Virginia
Means: A spice
Famous because of
Dancing partner of Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers (1911-1997)
Geri Halliwell, ‘Ginger Spice’ in the Spice Girls band

13. Abby
Derivative: Abbie, Abbey,Abigail, Abbi
Means: From Abigail – Father’s happiness

14. Sasha
Derivative: Sacha, Sascha
Means: Helpmate

15. Sandy
Derivative: Sandi, Sandra
Means: The helper of mankind
Famous because of
Sandy played by Olivia Newton John in film, Grease
Actress, Sandra Bullock

16. Murphy
Means: Sea warrior
Inspired by: Murphy’s Law, that anything can happen.
Famous because of
US sit-com “Murphy Brown”

17. Pepper
Information about this name:
Means: A spice or condiment.

18. Dakota
Means: Friends
Inspired by: A State, USA
The Dakota building in New York where musician John Lennon was murdered.
Famous because of
Dakota, daughter of Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith.
Young actress, Dakota Fanning.

19. Katie
Derivative: Katherine, Kate, Katy
Means: Pure maiden
Inspired by: British Super Model, Kate Moss -.
Famous because of
Actress, Kate Hudson, daughter of Goldie Hawn.
Actress, Katie Holmes, partner of Tom Cruise.
Actress Kate Beckinsale

20. Annie
Derivative: Anne
Means: Full of grace
Inspired by: Annie Oakley.
Famous because of
Musical, ‘Annie’
Actress, Annie Potts

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