Best dog breeds for children

Best Dog Breeds for Children – Top 20

What dog breed is best for kids?

• Size: Very small breeds of dogs, such as toy poodles or chihuahuas, may not be good choices for a
young child. These dogs are fragile and may become easily injured when around rambunctious
children. They also tend to be more easily frightened by a lot of activity and noise. Frightened dogs may
snap or bite in order to protect themselves. Larger dogs or sturdier small breeds, like pugs or beagles,
are often better able to tolerate the activity, noise and rough play that is an inevitable part of living
with children.

• Temperament: While generalizations can be made about specific dog breeds, it is just as important to
consider a dog’s individual temperament. A dog’s personality is shaped by both past experiences and

• Breed type: Some of the sporting breeds, such as labradors and golden retrievers, can make good pets
for families with children. Breeds that have been selected for protective behavior, such as chows and
rottweilers, are not usually recommended. It’s sometimes difficult for this type of dog to comfortably
tolerate the many comings and goings of children and their friends who may be perceived as territorial
intruders. Herding breeds, such as border collies and shepherds, are inclined to “herd” children, chasing
and nipping at their heels.

1 Golden Retriever2 Pembroke Welsh Corgi3 West Highland white terrier4 Irish Setter
5 Schnauzer6 Labrodor Retiever7 Poodle8 Bichon Frise
9 Airedale10 Basset Hound11 Beagle12 Shih tzu
13 Boxer14 Cairn Terrier15 Collie16 Boston Terrier
17 Newfoundland18 Pomeranian19 Pug20 Whippet
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